The Competition: As I See Them

  • Phillip Carlisle – Current Lamar County Supervisor District 4; Strong background with the Board of Supervisors in the county; Met him just a handful of times – very business-like,
  • Terry Jarrell – Currently works safety in areas, such as offshore; Strong background in running for office and how this campaigning works; Outgoing personality; Met him and his wife a couple of times – nice and polite family,
  • Cheree Sanders – Currently works at Magnolia State Bank in the mortgage department; grew up and went to school in Marion County; Knowledgeable background as paralegal with a former judge; Met her a couple of times, along with her husband – nice couple,
  • Jamie Aultman – Currently works in Human Resources with MDOT; Knowledge in surveying and construction; Originally from Sumrall areas; Outgoing personality; Met him a handful of times – nice and polite man,
  • John Hale – Currently works for Evergreen; Have known his family all my life; Has a strong family background in campaigning and politics with his dad, Wayne Hale, as a supervisor and a constable; Nice and polite family man.
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